Welcome 2019

As we are already well into it, I hope that this year has treated you well so far. I’m ramping up again. Last year was a definite whirlwind personally with some very high highs and some very low lows. We all encounter roadblocks and bumps throughout our individual journeys, and what makes us stronger is not always rising but getting back up after we fall down. Our culture adores stories of getting from the bottom to the top, but the truth is that that they usually aren’t a perfect line and aren’t over until the last day.

After wildly exceeding some of my own expectations and miserably failing at others, I have taken the last several months to work on myself and address challenges I’ve encountered along the way. This site, though has not gained the momentum I envisioned when I originally created it, is one of my proudest accomplishments and most rewarding endeavors of my life.

To your best year ever.