New Podcast:  The Mix

New Podcast: The Mix

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Changing from our typical interview format, our new podcast samples a song off out rapper ROB.B’s brand new mixtape, “The Fix”, out today!   Check out this short episode with this talented artist.

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Los Angeles, CA – Piggybacking off the success of his premiere mixtape, “MEAT,” and his first single, “What’s Your Lyfe Lyke?” Los Angeles’ very own out rapper ROB.B delivers “The Fix” a teaser maxi mixtape for his fans to enjoy while he is busy at work on his debut EP.  ROB.B boldly opens with a remix to Beyoncé’s “Bow Down” reinforcing his chokehold on the underground ‘Gay Rap’ scene.  Rob follows up the opening number by adding a verse to Ariana Grande’s summer hit “Problem” which some have speculated to have been inspired by his public split from reality star boyfriend Frank Sweeney.  ROB.B made sure to please his fans by adding a rendition to another Queen B track “Partition” where Rob exercises his nastier side, reminiscent of his dirty play on Rihanna’s “Cake”.  ROB.B ends the five track mash up with an interlude from the HBO series “Looking” setting the tone for the final track Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst” where ROB.B displays a more vulnerable side, lyrically taking us through the emotions of a breakup.  Never one to conform to the stereotypes and limitations of contemporary hip-hop, this out gay rapper demolishes the hereto-normative idea that currently dominates the rap community.  Every track he releases unapologetically announces ROB.B’s right to live the life he so pleases, a creed his straight contemporaries often venerate in their own work.  ROB.B makes his mark as the gay man who can outcompete his straight rivals and has even fired shots at fellow out emcee Cazwell on “What’s Your Lyfe Lyke”, setting the record straight about ROB.B’s role as the prototype of “Homo-Hop.”  The artist makes one thing certain, he is unafraid to represent himself to the fullest has ascended to his throne atop the community of not only gay hip-hop, but has his eye out for the community at large.

ROB.B has picked up success after the release of his fifteen-track mixtape, “MEAT,” and has drawn the attention of several local and national publications.  ROB.B has been featured in LA WeeklyFrontier Magazine’s “Hot List,” the Edge Network and graced the cover of Evoke Magazine.  The model turned rapper doesn’t stop with his art, however.  ROB.B hopes to use his platform to become an active figurehead in the LGBT community

“It’s time for change in rap music, the genre has embraced all sexes and ethnicities, it’s only right someone emerge to further that diversity, I believe I am that person.  Society is becoming increasingly accepting of homosexuals, we (the gay community) are starting to take our rightful place in the worlds of politics and sports why should Hip-Hop be any different?” said ROB.B

ROB.B endured his share of hardship growing up in the presence of drugs and homophobia.  ROB.Bʼs persistence in fighting adversity has carried him though as he struggles for acceptance within the hip-hop community.  He has not let any difficulties detour him from following his dreams and commitment to making his mark in the music industry, and leaving a stamp on the world.