Love & Valentine’s Day

The past few weeks have been an adjustment for me because I am single again!  I dated someone out of state for over a year and the experience was a welcome introduction back into the world of dating.  It was nice to have someone to check in with every day and see every few weeks (sometimes months, made it tough) for a week at a time.  But it wasn’t sustainable.  And it wasn’t right for me.  I also don’t respond well to threats or orders – oh, the tea I could spill.

Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, I find myself single and ready to find a new romance. 🙂

Dating is an interesting topic, and one that I’ve considered highlighting on this blog.  It’s relevant to everyone- gay, straight, and all along the spectrum of sexuality.  I’ve been brainstorming with a dating coach out of Chicago about content creation.  We thought about featuring people interested in improving their own dating circumstances and following their journeys.  It’s still an active idea we are exploring.  The thought about how it fits in with this blog is that because ambition can be focused so much on doing and taking action, equally important things such as taking care of yourself and maintaining healthy relationships are sometimes neglected.  Dating brings in the human element and personal side of life.

We started by doing a test session on me during a conference call while I was in the last relationship to see how a conversation might go if we were making content with one of his clients – and how we might edit that audio in a way that is consumable for listeners.  What was reaffirmed during my short time doing this session with the coach is that the core of this work all boils down to the question of, ‘what do you want’?

This blog was never supposed to be about me, but I figure while I am actively creating new content for later, why not express what’s going on with me.  Getting real with myself, I realized that I stayed in that long distance relationship because I didn’t have to entirely commit to anything.  Once it became clear that neither of us were willing to move or make any plans, I decided that it was a nice relationship to have when it was around, but I wasn’t invested in it in any meaningful kind of way.  I ultimately came to my senses after a series of events and a conversation with someone whose advice I trusted.

I have been down at times over the last few weeks, but the much needed time and space for self reflection has helped me heal.  I’m happy with my life and the people in it.  I am doing me right now and making money.  I have a much better idea of what I want now, and when I do find the person who I can compliment and compliments me, I will be ready to commit.  Mostly what I want is laughing, adventures, passion, relaxation, and mutual respect.