LGBT & Business Recap

LGBT & Business Recap

The intent of this type of post is to periodically give you a recap of some cool articles that relate to the LGBT community and to business. This post examines three articles: one about LGBT discrimination laws, one about wisdom from business leaders, and another about business from a gay writer that we are a huge fan of!


What SCOTUS’s Hobby Lobby Ruling Could Mean For LGBT Discrimination Laws

by Cathy Lynn Grossman


It seems like Obama is going to have a very hard time keeping both religious owners of private businesses and LGBT workers happy. As we all know, the Hobby Lobby ruling decision made news last month mainly because it gives private religious  sectors a right to  not pay insurances like contraceptives and  gay marriage spousal insurance if its against their religious beliefs. However, American Civil Liberties Union’s Ian Thompson is not worried about the ruling stating that the Hobby Lobby decision of expanding corporate power was “narrrow” and “will not operate as a shield from other kinds of discrimination laws.” If you look at it closely, it is only talking about health care and insurances. After years of fighting for LGBT rights, it is time to move on. It’s 2014, we shouldn’t be daunted by these kind of rulings or be too sensitive when asked about religious beliefs and political views on job interviews. It’s really simple; if the company doesn’t like you, find another job who would love to have you. What do you think about Hobby Lobby? Let us know!


by Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield


This article has taught us these five amazing lessons on leadership.

  1. There are people who are expert in every field that they dive into, there are also people who are expert in one area and are really good at it. If you are the latter, first thing to do is surround yourself with brilliant thinkers. This is exactly the reason why Presidents, even Kings have advisers because a good leader knows how to listen to the experts.
  1. Being well connected to powerful people is a big plus!  It is not kissing asses, it is gaining assets.  Think of them as your pawn so that when you need help or knowledge, they will be ready to support you before your big attack.  Checkmate!
  1. Know when to use your powers but do NOT power trip.  Happy employees means happy employer.
  1. Don’t be afraid of innovation.  Consistency is the key but change is the only constant thing here on earth. So don’t be afraid to voice out a new opinion or ideas.  Reinvent!
  1. Customer Service.  This is pretty much self-explanatory but we’ll give our 2 cents on this anyway.  One of Gay Ambition’s visions is providing what the LGBT community needs to know in order to be a good entrepreneur.  Our goal is to give you the best marketing ideas and advices from people who have already succeeded in life. Learn from the best. That to us is customer service.

The New Technology That Could Cut Public Restroom Wait Times By 50%

by Andrew Bender


Every busy public restroom in the world should have a restroom like this!  A technology called Tooshlights has impressed a lot of women in the Hollywood Bowl, drawing inspiration from L.A. parking garages.  This innovation managed to cut 50% off the waiting time in women’s restrooms. How does it work? A cubicle’s light would turn red if a stall is occupied and would turn green when it’s empty. That’s way better than having to check if every stall is empty. A total time saver!