Thank you for your continued patronage of our Gay Ambitions blog. You may have noticed minimal activities in our site for the past few weeks (months). Don’t worry; we’re not losing sight of our vision and goals.

As we have indicated in our post last May, we are working with talented individuals in re-building our site based on demand and from the feedback you have provided which has inspired us to be better at delivering what we do best at the same time providing you with a more tailor-fit set of tools for social media marketing and branding services, LGBTQ-related updates and an ounce of the right entertainment to get you through the day (or week).

We are in the midst of preparation for a major change in the coming weeks which you will have to watch out for. New podcasts, interviews, work-life balance-related updates will be posted soon. New faces, entertainment, system tools and career or life advice will be included in the change as well. We will be bringing to you more content that will be more focused in helping you with your business and personal development.

As for the major changes, we have re-designed our strategy to fully utilize our Gay Ambitions site as a more innovative platform to benefit everyone; raising the spotlight higher for global coverage. In the meantime, we are still encouraging everyone to continue sending in your content contributions and we will post them along with the podcasts.

  • glad to see/hear you’re back! Excited to hear what’s in store.