App of the Week: Google Drive

App of the Week: Google Drive



One of the best application tools for collaborating with Virtual Assistants is Google Drive. It’s a Google software tool which allows you to access files from anywhere in the world through a secure cloud storage. Google Drive is the perfect tool to use most especially if you’re running or involved in a business operations with virtual assistants.

If you have made a career simply from the comforts of your home, this app helps your relationship with work peers and even your direct manager. No more hassle in sending files over email or having to literally ship documents overseas. We have gotten past the medieval age where the need to be digitally in tune is a must. And this is what the app brings, complete ease of access, backup and storage.

As head of your business, it is vital you keep in touch with your staff at the same time manage budgeting, payroll and other finance-related tasks. You can make use of Google Drive’s wide variety of Excel templates to keep track of everything. Whether it is for your personal finances or your company’s, you can configure your preferred setting to manage all of this in just one screen (or window).

Real-time saving of documents is quite easy as well. Say for example you need your team to use one document where they have designated tabs/sheets; you can share a spreadsheet through Google Drive. By the end of the day, you won’t be needing multiple spreadsheets or documents that you need to consolidate. You will simply be looking at one document with the updates you need. Also, if you need to track the number of revisions made on a document, Google Drive stores that in the Revision history section. You can even see the author too.

Other than sharing spreadsheets, your Gmail account and calendar will be automatically synched. This is very ideal for people working remotely since you won’t need to go to someone’s cubicle to send or remind them of a meeting invite. With Google Drive’s complete integration with your team’s Google accounts, scheduling meetings and sending emails is a breeze.

To elaborate more on the features, here are the software tool’s highlights:

Store any file – You Google Drive account will provide you with 15 GB of free Google storage, where you can keep pictures, templates, documents, designs, recordings, videos – anything.

Go mobile – You can access your files from anywhere in the world and on whatever type of gadget. Whether it be from a smartphone, computer or tablet, you can access. And if the flight attendant signals you to switch off your cellular network as you depart to your vacation getaway, you can still check on your team’s work files by setting them to be available offline.

Above and Beyond – You can take your Google Drive further by scanning documents from your Drive for Android app. With by just a snap of a photo, it will automatically be saved as a PDF.

Google Drive is built for real-time collaboration, seamless functionality and a safe workspace environment. A must have for every business.