Gay Ambitions Relaunch

Gay Ambitions Relaunch

Depending on how you look at July it’s either a brand new quarter, a new fiscal year, or halfway into 2017. I have been putting plans in place & am excited to get started on producing regular content again here this month! I’m writing a very personal post about the past few years, blogging about business & LGBT topics, and what is most enjoyable for me – new interviews & podcasts with inspiring leaders!

In my personal post I will go much more into detail about my use of social media and a ton of other topics, but for now I want you to know that I unfollowed every person I was following before on Twitter. (If you need to do that too, these directions worked beautifully for me.) The reason is I was following so many accounts after hiring someone to automate my social media a few years back that I couldn’t see the any relevant tweets that I wanted to see anymore.

I have started to follow again which will take a while to rebuild. If you are reading this and active on Twitter, I definitely want to be following you! Please shout out on Twitter @paulcollanton and @gayambitions, comment on this post, or send me an email at so I can be sure to follow you.

Looking forward to rebuilding the Gay Ambitions community and connecting with likeminded people who share a passion for overcoming the unique struggles in the LGBT community to achieve business, career and personal success.

I hope you had a wonderful pride month and if in the US have a safe 4th of July holiday.