App Pick – Hootesuite

Since the boom of Social Media almost 10 years ago, social media marketing has helped a lot of businesses to advertise and reach their target market easily. However, it could be a challenge to stay on top of this kind of marketing especially if you do your marketing on multiple social media platforms. But thank the heavens for Hootsuite! It’s now easier to track and manage your social media accounts, monitor people’s comments or retweets and enables you to respond right away.

These are 5 reasons why Hootsuite is helpful for your social media marketing

1. It can manage different Social Networks

Hootsuite 1

With Hootsuite, you can monitor almost all of your social media accounts’ streams in one place. All you need to do is add your social media network account and add a stream that you want to monitor.

Hootsuite 2

2. Enables you to delegate tasks to your team without having to share your account’s password.

Sharing your personal social media account’s password is never a wise idea. You never have to do that with Hootsuite! They have a security tool allowing you to input your social media accounts, delegate tasks to your team (if you have more than one person doing your social media marketing), and create an account for them so that they can login using their own username and password. Check this video!

3. Don’t have the time to post important stuff for your social media all day? No problem! Schedule your posts!

This is one of our favorite features that Hootsuite offers. If you don’t have the time to tweet or post a Facebook status all week, you can do your planning on a Monday and schedule your tweets and posts for the week , all in an hour or two and yes to all of your social media networks added. All you need to do is choose the desired date and time, click which accounts you would want it to be posted to and you’re good for the week. A total time saver!

Hootsuite 3

4. It shrinks those long links!

Twitter’s 140 character limit can be upsetting at times especially if you want to post a very important link to your website. But Hootsuite realizes all of your social media marketing needs, that’s why they created a feature that enables you to shrink your long website link to this –>


5. Hootsuite informs you.. FOR FREE!

Hootsuite sends out an email with a pdf attachment every week to inform you on the number of clicks per day, the geographical information on the people clicking through, the top referrers as well as your most popular links. These are useful information to let you know what marketing strategy works best and the best time to post for your target audience.

There is no doubt that Hootsuite really helps businesses and individuals market through social media. They have continued to innovate ideas since its creation in 2008 and have continued to serve their clients so well that it became the top Social Media Management System in a survey conducted by Pingdom.

Are you using Hootsuite? Or are you not using Hootsuite? What do you think about this tool after reading this article? Let us know your thoughts!