App of the Week – Asana

App of the Week – Asana

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You have big dreams.  And big plans.  Along with that comes big projects that you need the right tools to manage.  With this selection, we’ve found a system just could be just what you were looking for.

Asana is a task management web application that helps you keep track of what you and your team mates are working on without getting in your way.  It is a modern way to work together.  It reduces the amount spent in meetings, writing status emails, tracking down updates and doing other kinds of works about work.  Asana doesn’t only get things done faster, it also changes the nature and scale of the kinds of projects that it can take on. Everything is kept in Asana which gets you off of email and out of meetings.

The application is organized into three panes. On the left is the list of the work spaces, projects and current work space. When you add people to your team’s work space, they get access to all of the projects.


In the center are the name of the selected project and the checklist of task in the project.

You can expand the right pane to add the task details. You can assign due dates to different task. You can add tags and have a conversation around that task. When you add followers to the tasks or projects, it allows those people to receive updates about your progress with the work. You can assign tasks to people or assign tasks to yourself, and you have the ability to remove someone from the assignment if it changes.

One thing that makes Asana unique from other task management tools is the idea of templates.


A template would represent some general project rather than a specific one. You can build these templates in Asana by listing all of the tasks or steps that are associated with this project. You can easily duplicate a project, change the title of it to be the actual project name and then it will appear in Asana as a new project. Simple as that!

You can also include little section headers to help you break down the projects into multiple parts. Examples of these section headers would be writing, pre planning, editing, production,

Asana has also a drag and drop capability which makes it easy to change things as you seize it.

With Asana, there’s a lot of accountability and transparency built in. You can assign people on the task and keep an eye on the deadlines while saving yourself a lot of time from finding tasks in your email and attending those long hours of meetings.