Relaunching this blog in a bigger way has been something I have been contemplating for at least two years now.   I can finally say that I am ready to do it.  What that means to me is putting my time and my money where my mouth is.  I realize that in order to build it, I have to be putting out consistent, valuable content and trying new things.  In order to get that done, I have to work with a team and get organized.

I’ve recently partnered with someone who shares a similar mindset and passion for the self-development space.  We have been doing ongoing conference calls with another person who is doing some exciting work in the relationship coaching space, which could ultimately result in more content and growing our audience.  I’ve also reached out to someone I worked on this website with in the past, to see what their appetite for coming back on board is.  Things are falling into place.

While we do have an interview ready to go (and are very excited about this one!), we want to release it once we have a few more recorded, edited, and queued up.  We also need to get the podcast back into iTunes, iHeartRadio and other podcasting platforms.

One of the major areas of focus will be booking new guests for the podcast.  Learning from LGBT & ally leaders who have overcome obstacles and forged their own successful paths has been what has inspired this project from the beginning, and this still drives our inspiration.  To this day, I cannot think of another podcast or website that quenches my own thirst for this type of content.

The plan is to release the next podcast in March and at that time share the release schedule for the rest of the year.  This is going to take lots of action, and I’m excited to embark on the journey.  If you have any ideas for content or interviews or would like to be involved in some way, please subscribe to our email list or email me at (.co not .com – the folks who own .com domain wanted to charge me $35,000 to buy it)

Hope that the new year has treated you well so far, and that you are as excited to conquer the rest of 2018 as we are!!